The ideas are paramount. “When I was much younger, I was introduced to some ideas that changed my life. They were expressed by a particular group of artists, who had a particular kind of understanding. I created my own genealogy—a family of people that I looked up to and embraced. I’m reaching out to younger members of that same family, whoever and wherever they might be.”


Conviction. A brief description..

When I was 18 years old I put a gun to my head.

Thought I’d be better off dead..

Left to sort through all these things that I can’t remember..


I decided to pull the trigger,

Now here’s what the angels said:

Damn boy you sure started out small,

On your knees you would crawl.

Put your head to the floor;

Took off towards the door.

Now it seems your kind of sick

Always grabbin at your dick.

Tough talk’n down the hall

All these people saw you fall.

But now that days gotta change;

shift, slide a round and rearrange..

Chase’n fame

Now that’s young a man’s game.

The hamster might finish first in his class.

But your still a dumbass.

might I love a nasty troll just the same

Point the blame?


Heres a short video linked to my youtube channel, a few weeks ago I went to visit my friend Barron in Florida. lots of work ahead of us, but Im thinking about you and your  beautiful countries..