Maya, Barks up Buckley

“Of Indigo, for gold”




(Dogs barking, birds chirping, a video shot of a computer screensaver with morning light peaking in a corner of a room, the computer turns off.)



I wake on up to a brand new day
upon this transition most dreams fade away

A voice so sweet
Remind me to begin
tell me how soon that sun will touch my face and i’ll become a new boy again

Now i’ve got feet

so I kick off the sheet

took some twenty Roubles from the shelf
might be just to check myself

I told the mirror where i‘ll be
just in case the world needs me

But for now i’ll chase my mind
I thing there’s something there to find
I think there’s something there divine



(Our main character proceeds to walk out the front door to start his day. Our Character passes Maya and Buckley at the door on the way out, panting and being cute.)

(Dogs or cats or another small animal we have domesticated should be cast as Maya and Buckley.. A human preferably should be cast as our main character. )




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