(Color Poem)

“I am red”

My face gets hot because my hearts not pure
I say i’ve opened up my eyes to this truth,
but i’m not sure

I am the root of all life,
some people may say
But if you come to close I may burn you,
and leave an impression which may never go away

the earth will move around me
for I can build up great city’s
or destroy them in a single day

yet because of your anger
you may never comprehend,
or even listen to this hymn

if you open up your heart
then surely your healing can begin

for I am your compassion,
your addiction
and your sin.

“I am Orange”

Creative and free,
Volcanic permissions couldn’t even eradicate me..
nor a Samurai sword, moving swiftly toward me face..

“I am Yellow”

And now i’ve opened up a door,
there a fire burns, and it’s asking;
“what am I here for?”
are you selfish?
or could you even see?
Because i’ve noted you as a dog, in your mentality..
I am the unconscious mind, fully observed by flow..
walking alongside the ego
what of this system designed to scold me?
To break me and to mold me..
I had a vision of melting snow..
in which I was the sun, charging particles with what I know

I am the conscious mind attempting to forget,
something profound..
something hell bound..
A personality bound by an illusion,
In this age of confusion.
only time will tell..
if i’m here or if I fell..
the sparks started in mind, when I was only eight or nine

“I am Green”

A love’n machine..
lost in a dream,
i’ll shoot a laser out into space,
but i’ll never leave this place.
This is my home.
that was my phone..
as the cool air blows through the trees,
now the earth can see me.
for what I have become,
when all things are undone,
our memory might remain..
the same.
in frame..
after all;
A being of Quantum Consciousness resides temporarily in an ephemeral biological form,
skewing the social norm,
I have become Taboo.

In these impressions of mind that were molded after you..

so true..

so blue..

so free..

“I am Blue”

& so I bleed,
and borrow.

just to get on your T.V.
just to feed you these words,
that you wouldn’t ever ask of me..

In the mist of the night I saw you sparkle,
I saw you shine.

I saw you lean in and question my motives..

My reason for rhyme.

When i’m lost;
your in your prime,
you set the pace.
A wonderful guide.
A mind so divine.

“I am Indigo”

but I still don’t know

& I’ll struggle,
but I’ll see.

So let me begin to formulate some representation of mind..

or should it spend more time seeking some justification for it’s behavior.
(produces an intense monochromatic beam of coherent light)
and (continues to render, finally projecting its-self out into space)..)
never to return!

now we have;
Streaks of electric lightning,
two snails; quietly fighting,
perhaps a Space Alien in sighting..
How exciting..?

“Now I’m Clear”

Obstructions and impurities disappear..
As if they have never been here.
Love conquers all of my fear..

I’ll shoot a laser out into space,
But I’ll never leave this place..


December, 9, 2017


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