Your favorite “social site”

So here’s why I think i’m not getting payed by these (social networks)

Because i’m not at 100%?

Because I don’t do things traditionally..?

(Geographical obstructions.) #1 pick

Because I smoke pot.?

Because of how I believe that things are not.?

Because I have skitsophernia?

Because I believe in god?

Or because I might inspire someone else to believe in god?

Because i had an orignal thought?

Because of who my role models are..?

Because I don’t have a car?

Because i’m unorganized? (Most realistic)

Because they want more money? (Truth)

Because they are a corporation and they work for people..(and yet manage a “social service” for other people )

Because Nikki minaj followed me on twitter once?

But still i’ll share my thought..?

Orignal or not..

While the platform is still mine.

Illusive and prime.

• °

Now (here) i’ll take a quick moment to remind myself just how unique and attractive i am as a human being..

I hope you regularly do so also..


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