Tunis Projectible


Happy Easter.

Your support is vital, you have the power, you have the light, you have the sound.. I want to work.. please.

I have accumulated several thousand graphics/ illustrations both online and on paper over the last 6 years, (relative to myself in 2018).

I have made four “Albums” (Sweet Water Station, Yuktah, Antarā, and now Logibol..

I have also made nearly one hundred more professional quality “Music” Videos.. Many on youtube, many not..

I have no plans for stopping the creation or even slowing down..

Not only, I know that it’s time to devote more energy/work into more dialogue, more documentary style formatting, as well as activism and other social work.. This Is part of the motivation for Tunis.. I know you need/want more of this.

Weather you like the work or not, you are still a part of this process. In our Getty world now, this ability to share, the ability to have something in front of you and then instantly in front of any number of others, with just a tap on the share button.. ? #Beautiful… Is this your world? Because now it’s mine and it’s pretty crazy..

But its not like this everywhere, we develop with the developers, we evolve in programming and formatting.. “The collective is making its way, but it’s still out of sync or in a state of societal dis-harmony with the cultures of the second, this, fifth world.”

So this requires bright people, and unfortunately inevitably, transparency.. transparency is most certainly uncomfortable.. and the older people are starting to figure this out..

These next few years will be interesting and challenging most certainly, but if we can trust people, trust information, entertainment and egos, If we can trust our self, then we’ll manage..

So with that said wouldn’t you agree that these artists/ designers/developers and social scavengers are the anchor of your society? This ability to express and share is all to easy for some.. and we need to pay the local guys now.. seriously..

I have a blog Called Buckleysforever.com, which has yet to unfold into something less vague and Abstract..

You are here, swimming around in my imagination, through every scroll, through every like, or comment..

I am with you..

I am in love with you.. I  am waiting for you..   but please help me with this, I love you, and love has the power to do anything.. I have friends in America, Mexico, Canada, China, England, Denmark, Italy, India, and now am going to Africa for the first time..

I will hug many people and many trees.. so now do you see how I need you?

I am ready, I have my meditations organized and their potent.. there for us.

to keep me in line, to keep me with the rest.

I’m gonna open my camera again right after I finish this post, and I’ll be wondering about you. I’ll be wondering what you would like to see? What your favorite color might be..? What the most embarrassing thing is that has ever happened to you..? I’m not the best. I know that, but I’m not gonna stop blowing up your timeline/Changing the language of the world in which we live, so why not get involved now? If you got this far, and if you’re still following.. let’s be here, lets be real.

Please buy a service from me..



Invest in my friends..

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Invest In Buckley..screenshot_20180123-0311521477114776.pngMaxwellsincopenhagen

Del paso

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I heard there was a secret chord, that “David” played and it pleased the Lord it goes like this,” .. “the fourth the fifth, the major boop, and the minor bit..”

Contact- Flowbromojo@gmail.com




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