fight or flight?
wrong or right?
day or night?
dark or bright?
left or right?


By Christopher Cannon

Monday, May 7th, 2018



(I’m going to be opening up here again. I can not share my story about this topic without getting a bit personal. Sharing an experience or opinion with any drug, Is an interpersonal act. As it seems to me, a personal world, inner or outer..?) 

When I was in first grade my teacher brought a video camera into the class one day. Set It up on the right side of all of the kids, and then zoomed in on me.

We were told that we were going to be on the TV, and that we should just continue on as we normally do.. It was later on that I learned that; no, we were not making a TV Show, but being studied by a “Doctor of Medicine”.

And I now know that that Doctor was called in to study me.

After watching the Footage of myself with the Doctor, my parents, and my teacher; it became clear that I liked to be social, even in contempt of another’s authority.. 

The following week I was informed of how I have an attention deficit disorder. How this caused me to resort to hyperactive behavior and advised that It would be best for me to Introduce a “Magic Pill” called Ritalin which would soon become the all to common “Adderall, in order to calm me down a bit..  

This form of Amphetamine is manipulative to an important hormone “epinephrine”, and as a result affects many other parts of the body: brain, heart, nervous system, stomach, blood pressure. The idea of putting this into the body of a six year old child is not only ridiculous, but a classic reflection of the state in which western medicine and society has been founded on the brow of normal, fallible men and women.

“The rest is history”or so they say. I got here where I am today, My own damn way, and I still love you, but I think we know now that the Doctor was wrong..The ensuing Schizophrenia in young adulthood might only be a bi-product of my “crisis of self”. 

Sexual  deviancy, risk taking behavior, sensationalizing or addictive habits can develop in anyone, sure,  but the influence of this drug in young developing minds most surely increses gthe odds of this. 

The affects on my Brain and social being, the need to express and make trouble later on, was a necessary byproduct of this chemicals introduction in to my being so early, Partially. This social distortion and ego misfortune that I have spoken about before in a few of my college outbursts Is unavoidable and demands polarity. Unfortunate for some, heaven for others, but at times we may land in the middle..  

But now as I sail across the Tyrrhenian Sea, nearing the Sicilian Channel with a ferry full of Tunisian Aribic, Italian, French, English  African, and Asian people, I have had my realization, my Understanding, and my acceptance of all of this.. All is love, all is well.

Where I am now I think it would be important not to imagine the what-If’s. Contentment is key, But I write this for you, for your children, and for the Doctors, the teachers who may not understand..

This drug affects how you make decisions,  your “fight or flight” response systems, your ability to socialize normally when your high at school, your appetite and even memory.. All of these listed are so important to keeping sanity/rationality and security in a social system known and introduced to kids/young adults..

I now can identify the places in my life that this medicines footprint is still present, some of the best places. When I pick up a microphone or stand in front of a crowd.. When I eat food, when I read a book. When I type a paper, and when I try to rhyme for you.. When I decide to speak, or hold my tongue. 

In a way I am chasing my tail now, being that I am certainly past the part of my life in which I am consciously being “a little Shit”.

I know now that I have some ground to make up, socially.

I threw a cat over a swing-set one time,, not so divine.. 

But these strange and distant memories to me are motivation, motivation to breath, motivation to see, motivation to get up and dance, weather or not I have on Khaki Pants.

This is a social drug, and as an American I must inform you that we are socially challenged.. And now that I have read and forgot countless parts of whole books I can confide in saying that polarity even is illusive and relative. There is a middle way that we all should strive for and find ourselves a little uncomfortable in.

Hare Krishna

-With love Chris

fight or flight?
wrong or right?
day or night?
dark or bright?
left or right?
Black or White?


In the meantime,

here is: An embarrassing Video…



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