Christopher Cannon

(Plan A)

My decision to go to Italy was based out of fear and a sense of being smothered and overlooked creatively and artistically here in America..

My goal was to meet creative people in Europe and hopefully set something up in order to stay longer, move further east quickly and/or possibly work on a project with new friends to be.. I wanted to learn about Italian culture and see myself through this social challenge.


March Third I left for Napoli to meet my friend Allyson. My only plan(s) were to be safe, meditate/chant, make music/art/videos and prepare myself for the financial burden/ wave of negativity that would ensue upon my return to Ohio.

My main motivation for success would have been the abundance of nice/peaceful people that I had met the year prior on my journey to Copenhagen and an unexpected stay in a temple with Hare Krishna Monks/Devotees.. Now knowing that I am disturbed just enough for this to work a second time, I found my ground around midnight on a Saturday in Napoli..

Several weeks were spent doing the deed, trying to succeed, all that junk.

I was able to visit northern Italy, Parma. As well as Ischia, an Island near Naples.

Among other places, I met new friends.

After about three or four weeks I was told of a change in plans so I needed to get another place to stay for a little while.

I quickly chose Africa.


The ferry ride provided by Grimaldi Lines out of Salerno, Italy thankfully turned out to be a beautiful choice.

They were successfully running a ferry nearly every day back and fourth through Italy, Sicily and Tunis. Very beautiful.

Airbnb was helpful in helping me find places to stay by connecting me easily and providing messaging options and other information. The first few nights I met a man named Mohammed who had a lovely place in bardo. I had a walk around for the first few days, just exploring and trying to find a way to finish up a series of songs that I had been working on in Italy. So now I was ready to switch to more Journalistic/activism themed videos. I have obviously been acquainted with the tension between the Muslim oriented countries and that of America and some of Europe before I had left. It seems that spirit had taken the wheel so to speak here, and thankfully so..

(New Friends/Spirit)

Mohameds place was nice but rather pricey to finish out the next few weeks which I have now committed myself to being spent in Africa. In a bit of a crunch I decided to talk to more people as I looked for another place less expensive on Airbnb. After a few hours I was contacted by a man named Seif by telephone. I can’t remember at this point weather he met me the first time, or If one of my new friends Oumayma helped direct me to his place. Mainly because; now two months later, I have so many memories of how this lovely man has helped me figure out/shown me around Tunisia.

Seif, Selma, Imen and their lovely daughter turned out to be the highlight of my trip here..

I will explain more and provide the link to their Airbnb page in. Another blog shortly. His mother was particularly sweet and generous, she taught me several words/phrases in arabic/french and even took me out to see a small gathering of activists in the city one morning.. It was just so reassuring to have people like this available to share and teach me things of the Spirit.

Because of this turn of events and Seifs invitation to stay for an extended length I was able to get more music made fast, as well as make two of my most significant/ spiritually fulfilling videos to date; Tarek’s dream & Aya’s Project. I really enjoyed conversations with Seif and we visited Sisi bousaid a few times. Beautiful.

However Nothing lasts forever, lol. maybe.. but as it turns out theres more of Tunisia to be found to the Southeast! Going to visit my friends Aya and Oumayma’s family in Monastir for a few days and then quickly staying in Sousse with another artist/motivated person..

I was able to visit the beach a day or two, and spend more time with familiar talk of freelance service marketing and startup “unicorn” companies..

But after a few more days of video editing in Sousse, I cut my trip short.

Not before a quick visit back to Italy and a glimpse of Pompeii where I found some more motivation..


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