Bottom Line Micah

Being Bored In the next few weeks I’m forecasting that there will be a rise in confusion and misinformation. For some. All In wake of the “FTC investigating facebook for the recent Cambridge Analytica” Also the change in regulations by the FCC concerning Net Neutrality, in December of 2017. It certinly gives much more regulatory power to the private telecommunication/social media/Commercial entities/ Companys .. “PEOPLE … Continue reading Bottom Line Micah

Your favorite “social site”

So here’s why I think i’m not getting payed by these (social networks) Because i’m not at 100%? Because I don’t do things traditionally..? (Geographical obstructions.) #1 pick Because I smoke pot.? Because of how I believe that things are not.? Because I have skitsophernia? Because I believe in god? Or because I might inspire someone else to believe in god? Because i had an … Continue reading Your favorite “social site”

Love and sex under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit- What kind of a person they should be and what kind they should not be.? Sexual relations between people are also a means by which God teaches us love, wisdom, and power. The most general principles of correct behavior in the sphere of sexual relations are: Tactfulness, abandonment of egoism, acting not for the self, but for the … Continue reading Love and sex under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

More on Antarā

  Music by) Christopher Cannon Graphic art by) Christopher Cannon Video footage) (originally for “Kings with Straw Mats – Yogis and Sadhus of the Kumbh Mela Festival” Filmed at the 1986 Hardwar Kumbh Mela, released in 1998.) Remastered by Christopher Cannon This video should comply with the “Fair Use Policy” Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. Something to show you how serious I … Continue reading More on Antarā