(English) So I keep giving away my art to these social networks.. because it’s rewarding, self distorting.. & best yet conforming! might only be so my dopamine levels will rise, with each post that I devise.. so I revise, and I revise.. enjoying every surprise… now here’s something innovative, here’s something thrifty. Something trippy.. A hungry hippy….. (a ufo in the sky) (An extra ear … Continue reading Reason

Tareks Dream

So I need to get a email list going, Can anyone help? of: Major news network affiliates celebrity activists Politicians/ government officials… lol Here is the story.. ((Hello, I am Christopher. I am a twenty four year old student of radio and television, from Evansville Indiana, I studied At USI, and am currently visiting Tunis, Tunisia.. I have organized several social media accounts, Instagram/Youtube/Adobe/Wordpress etc.. … Continue reading Tareks Dream

Tunis Projectible

Haribol! Happy Easter. Your support is vital, you have the power, you have the light, you have the sound.. I want to work.. please. I have accumulated several thousand graphics/ illustrations both online and on paper over the last 6 years, (relative to myself in 2018). I have made four “Albums” (Sweet Water Station, Yuktah, Antarā, and now Logibol.. I have also made nearly one … Continue reading Tunis Projectible

Bottom Line Micah

Being Bored In the next few weeks I’m forecasting that there will be a rise in confusion and misinformation. For some. All In wake of the “FTC investigating facebook for the recent Cambridge Analytica” Also the change in regulations by the FCC concerning Net Neutrality, in December of 2017. It certinly gives much more regulatory power to the private telecommunication/social media/Commercial entities/ Companys .. “PEOPLE … Continue reading Bottom Line Micah

Your favorite “social site”

So here’s why I think i’m not getting payed by these (social networks) Because i’m not at 100%? Because I don’t do things traditionally..? (Geographical obstructions.) #1 pick Because I smoke pot.? Because of how I believe that things are not.? Because I have skitsophernia? Because I believe in god? Or because I might inspire someone else to believe in god? Because i had an … Continue reading Your favorite “social site”