Poetry from/ notes”Stranger J”


I live in a future of space exploration.
How’s that for motivation

New flying machines inspire people to end the fighting.
Light, lightning, new York City like street Frightening..

My friends and I LIKE BACK BITING

Spells broken,

drums ROLL

night lives,


We all get a ship and a crew
blazing our own path with god on our side

Considerable ones by a society
But no ones dying this time

We’re rising
Within purity

And rhyme

Where vibration
Not time

(in this place lost in my mind)
Free from the bullets

Thinking about which people to send
Watch witch people in the wind
Witch people that cringe
A place from which people’s origin

Transfer a spine
Minds of the Divine!

But sound waves are not transverse. Sound waves are longitudinal waves. If sound waves are moving south, the disturbance that they are creating is giving the air molecules extra north-and-south (not east-and-west, or up-and-down) motion. If the disturbance is from a regular vibration, the result is that the molecules end up squeezed together into evenly-spaced waves. This is very difficult to show clearly in a diagram, so most diagrams, even diagrams of sound waves, show transverse waves.
Longitudinal waves may also be a little difficult to imagine, because there aren’t any examples that we can see in everyday life (unless you like to play with toy slinkies). A mathematical description might be that in longitudinal waves, the waves (the disturbances) are along the same axis as the direction of motion of the wave; transverse waves are at right angles to the direction of motion of the wave. If this doesn’t help, try imagining yourself as one of the particles that the wave is disturbing (a water drop on the surface of the ocean, or an air molecule). As it comes from behind you, a transverse waves lifts you up and then drops down; a longitudinal wave coming from behind pushes you forward and pulls you back. You can view here animations of longitudinal and transverse waves, single particles being disturbed by a transverse wave or by a longitudinal wave, and particles being disturbed by transverse and longitudinal waves. (There were also some nice animations of longitudinal waves available as of this writing at Musemath.)

And then…
and make them even lower. Instead of a roiled mess of waves cancelling each other out, you would have a pond of perfectly ordered waves, with high points and low points appearing regularly at the same spots again and again. To help you imagine this, here are animations of a single wave reflecting back and forth and standing waves.
This sort of orderliness is actually hard to get from water waves, but relatively easy to get in sound waves, so that several completely different types of sound wave “containers” have been developed into musical instruments. The two most common – strings and hollow tubes – will be discussed below, but first let’s finish discussing what makes a good standing wave container, and how this affects music theory.
In order to get the necessary constant reinforcement, the container has to be the perfect size (length) for a certain wavelength, so that waves bouncing back or being produced at each end reinforce each other, instead of interfering with each other and cancelling each other out. And it really helps to keep the container very narrow, so that you don’t have to worry about waves bouncing off the sides and complicating things. So you have a bunch of regularly-spaced waves that are trapped, bouncing back and forth in a container that fits their wavelength perfectly. If you could watch these waves, it would not even look as if they are traveling back and forth. Instead, waves would seem to be appearing and disappearing regularly at exactly the same spots, so these trapped waves are called standing waves.

Although standing waves are harder to get in water, the phenomenon does apparently happen very rarely in lakes, resulting in freak disasters. You can sometimes get the same effect by pushing a tub of water back and forth, but this is a messy experiment; you’ll know you are getting a standing wave when the water suddenly starts sloshing much higher – right out of the tub!


Goes like this

Looks like a
Chuck Taylor man

Muckraker man,

puck taker man

Funk faker man

Like a
Love maker man

Lifesaver man

Lightsaber hand

Lifesaver man

Like a
Microwave band

Some sorta
Knight facer man

Like a Life saver man

Not just a Light rider man

But a Night rider man

You’re my Firefighter


Just sorta like a Hope provider man

Couldn’t conspire man!

Just a Mote deriver
Like a trench divider man!

Just a tricked and pickled little sailor!
Couldn’t even care..

For like a A Microwave Flight plan
Butt a.

Not just towards a pelvic trust in Sam!
But this keeps me to the Keys
The boards
I’m floating to shore..

But a light:
Likepath fo
Electronic metal just dissolving through it all right??
Synth waves that are frightening
Find Land!!

Joins up with a
Caloris Basin –

Raising vibration


Mms mass of a million saints


Im just here to make fun of Charlie sheen!!

For a few minutes

Sometimes I feel

Like theres a sty in my eye man..

Whats that Yon?

like just the water it takes for me to get it through the door!
So obscure..

Of self delight?
Ground shook. Me throughout the. night.
Focal, vocal, and in fright.

because these answers wouldn’t just land on my hands

Turns towards the light with:
Speedy swords;
turn towards the turnpike

Good now:
13 hour mountain hike

Charlie Sheen fair space like; grabbing at my mic!!

So I’ll try and just sit there with em

Lest make a soda commercial!
Capeable of Success!

UNCLES of the Beast

Next idea:
An Album/ Playlist of songs named after/about Landon!

The Landon Almanac
(but for life and music in stead of sports cause he is not too sporty)

Boats I guess

Sailing shooms
Sailing Shoms

With landom..

But then Panning across: to illustrate several interesting/inspirationally motivates occurrences of the other Landons in the midwest!