I thought this was hilarious, I stopped putting pressure on myself so much because Im supposed to be having fun with Making music..

Chinese sounds with American Hype!!

I also want to apologize for my Newsfeed on here, somehow facebook has become important to me, maybe Its just because Im not on twitter anymore..
But I know as the Political season heats up I am losing some of your attention, It will be really just Music/Bernie Sanders/and space or discovery related posts from here on out..


Third Party

less bugs

The Younger (Music Video)

Your Country,

Your Leaders,

Other Peoples Future.

Other Peoples Lives.

Other Peoples drugs..

Our Freedom…

((((This video contains audio samples of Edward R. Murrow, this should compliment the “Fair Use Policy”..

New Music- (The Younger) from (Root Swahili) by Christopher Cannon

Video content- Footage from the Ferry ride to Tunis/from Italy. Google earth footage. an article from Facebook by Bernie Sanders..

Photography of Tunis by Christopher Cannon, Nasa photograph “Fair Use”..))))


“Matthew Silver”

Aya’s Project

A matter of only a few Decades, Here in Buckley.

Hare Krishna